NFT Trading

NFTs are the Future! NFT stands for ‘Non Fungible Token’, but what does that mean? Well, it helps to first understand what a ‘Fungible Token’ is. If we think of it in terms of money: a 100 dollar bill can be swapped for five 20 dollar bills and still hold the same value, which means a 100 dollar bill is a fungible token. If this 100 dollar bill is signed by Banksy, it becomes a totally unique product. Its value is then much harder to determine, as it’s no longer simply worth five 20 dollar bills. This means a Non Fungible Token cannot be swapped for any equivalent value. It also means that, like any investment, its value can increase or decrease in the future depending on the circumstances. NFTs have exploded in popularity during the pandemic, leading many investors to wonder how to buy them or even more, invest in them. We are here to connect you to the Metaverse! NFTs: Digital ID and property rights. 2021 volume of $23 billion+. We have the best social media analytic devices to give the best future meta verse insight on the best Artworks to purchase, with access to the world best Art Works to purchase digitally. We are Swizzvista Financials, Your gateways to the world’s largest NFT market. We help our investors to buy and invest in the next big NFT projects with our special skills of analyzing start-ups with high potential future gains. Metaverse: 3D virtual cities built in game-like environments. 2021 Volume of almost a billion dollar. DeFi: Smart Contract based Financial services without the need for a bank. $244 bn on deposits by millions of users. P2E: The migration of gaming to crypto. 2021 volume of $4.5 billion. Crypto Staking: The environmentally friendly way to validate blocks. All new tokens are built on the staking platform. Helping investors to invest in the next big NFT projects with our special skills of analyzing start-ups with potential future high gains.