Arbitrage trading

Arbitrage Trading

This is a quick wholesale purchase at a lower price and a higher price sale can make a quick decent profit for a trader with eagle eyes. This concept captures the essence of arbitrage and is relatively low risk compared to other straggles. Put simply, an asset is bought and sold simultaneously in two markets - often because it is sold at slightly different prices. For example: Bitcoin may be sold to Table A for $100, but is available for $150 at Table B. Sure, the difference may be small- but this represents a phenomenal 50%gain on one exchange.

Bulk buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. Over the counter (OTC) digital currency trading for individual and institutional buyers and sellers. Swizzvista Financials provides the access to block size liquidity for high net worth individuals or institutions looking to buy or sell digital currency. We sell at +5% above market price. Discount prices are rarely in stock but exclusively available for our tier 1 partners.